Bronze chair

Bronze chair donated to Strike School

On 23 June 2012 the Trustees of the Burston Strike School received the gift of a bronze cast of one of the original chairs used at the Strike School.

The sculpture, by Louise Richardson, was donated by Mrs Aude Gotto, former owner of the King of Hearts Gallery in Norwich.

left to right: Mike Ward, Aude Gotto, Louise Richardson

Both were present at the launch event, as was Anne May (nee Potter). Anne (below) also handed over on behalf of the Potter family a rare signed photo from the late Tom Mann MP, given to Annie and Tom Higdon as a gift for their work for the children of the Strike School in 1921, and a booklet called The Burston Strike School by Casey (published by the Independent Labour Party) and dedicated to “the Brave Women of Burston, who have since April 1914, nobly struggled against the tyranny of the countryside”.

All photographs copyright Peter Everard Smith 2012

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