2014 centenary events

A key activity during 2014 was the Centenary Appeal to support the fabric of the Strike School building. A Solidarity and Freedom board has now been put up in the school, marking the contribution of all who donated.

Solidarity and Freedom board_crop

1 April 2014 is the centenary of the start of the children’s strike – so there are additional events during the year.

On 1 April we recreated the 1914 picture. Thanks to Peter Everard-Smith!

web Burston 1914 web Burston 2014

SERTUC’s East of England Trade Union Network (ETUN) is sponsoring a £5,000 appeal to support the fabric of the Strike School. Please see the text of the appeal below and support – personally or through your union or organisation – many thanks! ETUN Burston appeal

Burston Community Primary School children carried out a six week project that culminated in them recreating the original candlestick march round the village. On their arrival on the Green they were greeted by “Mr and Mrs Higdon”… Georgia Robson and Tom Grace from The Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company’s production of their new play The Bricks of Burston. Students from Diss High School’s media department filmed the event and here is their film http://youtu.be/QSmwMXHU3Tg

In the evening, theatre company The Stuff of Dreams premiered their new play The Bricks of Burston at Diss High School. The play is now touring, details here www.stuffofdreamstheatre.com

A report of events thus far is available here report Burston centenary

Sunday 7 September Rally – see “2014 Rally” page for details

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